Assassin's Creed 3 Editions Guide

The Assassins Creed 3 "Editions" range depending on the region. In Europe we have the "Join or Die Edition" and the "Freedom Edition". Across the pond in the US they have the "Limited Edition".

Each version of the game obviously comes with a full version of the game. This is where ALL versions having the same content stops. The US version has a Colonial flag; this is very similar to the US Flag which just wouldn't be as popular here in Europe. It is clear why it is exclusive to the US Edition then. Also each Edition comes with its own Box to contain the contents of its respective edition.

The next item of interest is the figure of Conor complete with revolving knife, tomahawk, twin guns and bow and quiver. This is in the US Collector's Edition and the Freedom Edition.

The Join or Die Edition does not have the statue of Conor, it has an Assassin's Medallion instead. Unfortunately this is not available in any of the other editions.

The Freedom and Join or Die Editions both share the same "George Washington Notebook" - featuring art and the "Sharpshooter" online content.

At the time of Assassins Creed 3 official announcement, in the US when you pre-ordered the game you received a steel case designed by comic book artist Alex Ross. These are in short supply and are extremely limited while stocks last. Most major retailers in US are have run out of these. In Europe the only way to get this Steel Case is in the Freedom Edition.

Lastly there are exclusive DLC missions with some Editions. In the US Limited Edition they get the Mayan Ruins Mission and in the Join or Die Edition there is the "Ghost of War" extra mission. The Freedom Edition has both of these missions included making it the most attractive edition for those interested in additional content.

It is clear to see that the Freedom Edition has the best of both worlds here with the best overall must have content.

Of course these various editions are not everywhere with retailers securing exclusives on particular editions in the territories that they operate in. Ubisoft also sell these editions directly via the Ubistore.

It is also expected the individual retailers may pick up additional exclusive DLC items closer to the time of launch. The official Ubisoft website has some information about the various editions also including some images of the products.