Skyrim The Sandbox

Today we are going to be talking about Skyrim. Yes, again. Skyrim is that cool that it gets another article. What is it about Skyrim that makes it so cool? Well, look at what Skyrim is. It's an amazing medieval Western Fantasy RPG. It's not only that it's a sandbox in its truest and ultimate form.

Think about it. The game starts out with some exposition then you're let loose into the world all on your own. You're given a main quest arrow but you are not required to go that way. You can go right back into the tutorial cave if that's what you feel like doing.

You're character grows based off of how you play and what you do, and you're entire destiny is shaped by how you play. Want a house? Buy one. Want to murder guards everywhere? Do it. Get caught? Pay up or go to jail. Want to just wander the countryside killing bandits? You can. You can do anything. Quest, steal, rescue, kill, you can do anything. And the NPCs are semi intelligent. One quest I was on, I went and rescued someone from an elven fortress and they couldn't go back to their family for fear of his family's safety. When I went to break the bad news? Bam, they didn't trust me. I needed a special password in order for them to trust me.

This all leads to role playing. Most role playing games especially JRPGs mean that the character in the game has an epic scripted destiny to uphold. Now this is sort of role playing except that your character has already been created for you. Personality and all. There's really no pretending. In this case role playing game just means you choose which abilities the character gets throughout the game. There's no true role playing.

What is true role playing? The same stuff you do with pen and paper and your own imagination. Most people don't do this anymore, but D&D is the pinnacle of true role playing. Where you sit down with your friends and just create an epic story for yourself. No cut scenes no shuttling to the finish no prescripted events. Just your imagination an own free will to shape the experience.

And this is where Skyrim shines. You can do the main quest. But you don't have to the game wasn't built for that. No one finishes the main quest. Because the goal in Skyrim is to get distracted by the world itself and for you to go off exploring and finding your own path.

The ultimate goal of Skyrim isn't to be an experience. The goal of Skyrim is to give you the tools and allow you to make your own goal. If that means stealing all of the cheese in the world then fine that's what it was created for. I wish more games gave people the freedom to do that instead of railroading players everywhere. But then again there's a time and place for railroading.

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