Mario's Lovely Ladies

There are a multitude of Casanova's in the video game world; from the subtle, gentlemen types such as John Marston, to the obnoxious, over the top personalities like Dante from Devil May Cry. Most people don't consider the video game's MVP as a top contender in the lady killer category.
Mario, the Italian Stallion himself, puts all the Jersey Shore stars to shame. Not only has he had his fair share of girlfriends over the years, but they have nearly all been princesses! In the words of Kanye West, "I'm not saying he's a gold digger, but he aint messing with no broke...princess".
Mario has been a grounded man lately, loyal to Princess Peach (originally Princess Toadstool) for over 25 years since her debut in Super Mario Bros for the NES. While the pair is still technically an item, their relationship has undoubtedly been strained over the years due to predicable kidnapping followed by lengthy, extravagant rescues over and over again.
Their tumultuous relationship has introduced several other ladies into the mustached master's world, some more interesting and others more worthless than the last. Let's take a look at the women in Mario's life starting with the first ever damsel, Lady aka Pauline.
Name: Originally Lady, later named Pauline
First Appearance: Donkey Kong, 1981
If you haven't heard of Pauline we don't blame you. She's not a princess, just a regular woman who has been captured by a giant monkey. Even though the King Kong scenario isn't the most innovative concept to hit gaming, at least she can say that she was Jumpman's (Mario's first name) first girlfriend, the original damsel-in-distress.
Name: Originally Princess Toadstool, later named Princess Peach
First Appearance: Super Mario Bros, 1985
Mario's most steady girl. Her hobbies include baking, gardening, and being captured more times than we can count. As the Princess of Mushroom Kingdom she rules over walking, talking mushroom men who can't seem to do much other than send Mario to his doom over and over again. Maybe the Toads should take some Call of Duty military training for the next time Bowser comes around. I guarantee the outcome would be very different.
Name: Princess Daisy
First Appearance: Super Mario Land, 1989
Daisy is the tomboy of the pack. As the princess of Sarasaland she loves flowers and...the color yellow? While she isn't the most known or embraced princess of the Mario universe she has become increasingly popular in the past few years due to her playable roles in games such Mario Sports Mix and Mario Kart Wii.
Name: Rosalina
First Appearance: Super Mario Galaxy, 2007
Now here is a "princess" that actually does something. Being the guardian of the cosmos is an intimidating job title. Not to mention that she must watch over an entire race of star creatures, the Lumas, which can transform in to comets, stars, and planets? Out of all the women in Mario's little black book, I wish he would settle down with the queen of the galaxy. She's hard working, powerful, and IMMORTAL.
Mario definitely has an interesting taste in women; his girlfriends range from helpless to all-powerful and everything in between. If you were Mario, who would you choose?
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