Diego And Dora Games Can Be Educational While Entertaining

Diego and Dora games, are based on some of the characters in a television series for children.

Diego Márquez is an 8 year old boy, who rescues animals, and Dora is his younger cousin. Baby Jaguar is Diego's companion who helps him when rescuing the animals.

Diego's older sister, Alicia, is a whiz on the computer, who is bilingual. She handles all the calls for the rescue of the animals, and also loves the animals as much as Diego does. Alicia is accountable, with a kind heart and although she not more than 11 years old, she performs tasks that are usually done by adults.

Diego's parents who study animals scientists, appear in several episodes of the shows, but they are unnamed. Diego and Dora also have an older sister named Daisy, who is fifteen years old and appears in three episodes of the show Dora the Explorer which has been dubbed in Spanish and appears on the Spanish speaking network Univision.

The show normally centers around Diego in the rainforest Animal Rescue Center, where he hears the animals' cries for help, and with the help from friends, viewers and available gadgets, he begins the animal rescue.

The original TV show,Go Diego go which spawned may of the characters, has also spawned scores of games. In a popular version called Safari Rescue,children, aged 4 to 6 years old can join Diego in an adventure across the African continent. Diego and his friends embark on a rescue mission, using a magic drum, and magical skills, when the mean magician changes the animals. Diego is able put to the stripes back onto the zebras, he brings stone elephants back to life, and stretches the necks of the giraffes after they have been shortened.

There are versions of Diego and Dora games for Wii and Xbox.

And there may be some benefit noted with the Wii games, because they may be more interactive.

Nickelodeon has conducted some studies that look at the ways that preschoolers could make better use of the Wii controllers. The players are able to mimic the real life motions, such as swimming or digging that are incorporated in some of the games. In addition to developing motor skills needed for coordination, the Diego and Dora games can help to increase communication, as there is very little competition involved. Multiple players can be involved, with an additional remote and even more fun.

The games also present ample opportunities for learning more about animals, and the animations included in many of the games, help to keep the interest of the young players who may have shortened attention spans.

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