PES Games - A History Of Pro Evolution Soccer Part 2

In 2003, Pro Evolution Soccer 3 was released and included a big game play engine update, introducing new features such as the advantage rule and much improved long-ball passing techniques. PES games were now starting to get their hands on lesser European licenses such as the Dutch Eredivisie, but at least this was a start or inroad into FIFA's dominance by Konami.
Pro Evo 3 was the first PES game to be programmed for PC via Microsoft and it was popular, but the lack of online mode disappointed. Further enhancements to the licensing agreement occurred over the next few PES iterations, with many more official teams and players included, but the big one, the Premier League, always eluded Konami - not something FIFA was willing to give up. The Master League (career mode) was expanded and editing options improved, making likenesses even closer to reality.
In 2005 Pro Evolution Soccer 5 finally cemented Pro Evo online, allowing players to play against other PES gamers anywhere in the world. Jubilation reigned in online forums as we finally got real English teams, albeit only two - Arsenal and Chelsea, but again it was a start.
At this point in history PES was still dominant over FIFA, generally getting higher review scores, despite the lack of complete licenses throughout the game. PES stood up so well against the FIFA machine because of the superb two player experience.
Playing against a computer can only ever be so good, as computer AI is still no match for the gaming experience of another human being. It was this sense of randomness and downright fun that kept Pro Evo at the top of the footy charts and this position was further solidified in Pro Evolution Soccer 6, which for many PES fans was the finest hour for Konami.
Pro Evo 6 or Winning Eleven 10 had most of the best elements that have survived to the present incarnation. Fast, fluid, attacking football, a combative tackling mechanic and a slew of new tricks and flicks. To go along with the ever present official Japanese strip, the England National team were now decked out in their official kit as well as other nations. The Xbox version even had next generation high-definition graphics and this would be the last version before Pro Evo made the transition to PS3.
There was no Pro Evo 7, the next installment would arrive in 2007 and the naming convention changed into what remains to this day - Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 or PES 2008. This was the first version to debut on PS3, but still remained on PS2 and the other consoles. High definition graphics enhanced the gaming experience and PES started to move away from FIFA in the player likenesses stakes, although at the same time the complacency led to FIFA closing the gap and it was around these years that FIFA for the first time started to achieve higher review scores, as ironically, it was likened to the PES game play of old.
Even though many things improved, PES games started to struggle during the versions 2008-2012. Improvements in graphics, master league, competitions, licenses and online play, were negated by fussy changes to game play, that made Pro Evo harder, but sometimes less fun. It seemed that the game almost had a cheat mode in player versus computer games on harder skill levels, as it could be almost impossible to win the ball back or keep it against the computer. Keepers would inexplicably parry weak shots straight back out to unmarked strikers for easy tap ins and referees could be incredibly harsh, sending players off for minor offences, whereas it seemed computer controlled players could get away with murder!
The last few years have been repeated 'overhaul' fixes for PES as they've tried to regain top spot. Shingo Takatsuka known as 'Seabass' has come up with multiple buzz words every year as Pro Evo innovates and pushes the limits of the high-definition consoles and what PS3 And XBOX 360 can handle. The online play has improved on PS3 as it struggled at first to catch up to the online system XBOX had in place and now the edit modes, coupled with the skill and efficiency of PES fans means that the lack of licenses is almost irrelevant.
PES games will have their latest blockbuster out in October 2012 and by all accounts, online rumours and playable demos, PES is back. The review scores were close to FIFA last year and although the FIFA machine now exudes a high level of polish and superb game play, if PES 2013 regains some of that magic from the mid noughties, it'll be top dog again this autumn.
In this second part of my PES history article I have written about the changes in PES games and how the game has evolved into the high-definition era of PS3 and XBOX.
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Skyrim The Sandbox

Today we are going to be talking about Skyrim. Yes, again. Skyrim is that cool that it gets another article. What is it about Skyrim that makes it so cool? Well, look at what Skyrim is. It's an amazing medieval Western Fantasy RPG. It's not only that it's a sandbox in its truest and ultimate form.

Think about it. The game starts out with some exposition then you're let loose into the world all on your own. You're given a main quest arrow but you are not required to go that way. You can go right back into the tutorial cave if that's what you feel like doing.

You're character grows based off of how you play and what you do, and you're entire destiny is shaped by how you play. Want a house? Buy one. Want to murder guards everywhere? Do it. Get caught? Pay up or go to jail. Want to just wander the countryside killing bandits? You can. You can do anything. Quest, steal, rescue, kill, you can do anything. And the NPCs are semi intelligent. One quest I was on, I went and rescued someone from an elven fortress and they couldn't go back to their family for fear of his family's safety. When I went to break the bad news? Bam, they didn't trust me. I needed a special password in order for them to trust me.

This all leads to role playing. Most role playing games especially JRPGs mean that the character in the game has an epic scripted destiny to uphold. Now this is sort of role playing except that your character has already been created for you. Personality and all. There's really no pretending. In this case role playing game just means you choose which abilities the character gets throughout the game. There's no true role playing.

What is true role playing? The same stuff you do with pen and paper and your own imagination. Most people don't do this anymore, but D&D is the pinnacle of true role playing. Where you sit down with your friends and just create an epic story for yourself. No cut scenes no shuttling to the finish no prescripted events. Just your imagination an own free will to shape the experience.

And this is where Skyrim shines. You can do the main quest. But you don't have to the game wasn't built for that. No one finishes the main quest. Because the goal in Skyrim is to get distracted by the world itself and for you to go off exploring and finding your own path.

The ultimate goal of Skyrim isn't to be an experience. The goal of Skyrim is to give you the tools and allow you to make your own goal. If that means stealing all of the cheese in the world then fine that's what it was created for. I wish more games gave people the freedom to do that instead of railroading players everywhere. But then again there's a time and place for railroading.

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Effect of Violent Video Games on Children

There exist different, controversial ideas about the effects of video games among children in school. Some people believe that these violent games cause aggression in school while other believes that they are not the cause of cruelty in school. Social psychologists support that aggressive video games promotes aggressiveness in children while scientists oppose this argument. Scientists believe that correlation does not mean causation. Following this discussion, I oppose the views from the scientists and support that aggressive video games promotes violent especially among children.
Violent scripts are addictive for they make children spend most of their time playing them so that they can improve their skills. This addiction increases learning because of repetitive practice. Therefore, children in school tend to manipulate others aggressively as a way of practicing what they have been playing. The aggressive videos place the participant in the position of the aggressor thus rewarding him the behavior of being violent. They also permit the player to rehearse the whole behavioral script from aggravation to selecting a violent declaration of conflict.
Most psychologists believe that children gain behavior from coping what others are doing. They argue that kids learn by mimicking, observing and adopting behavior. Exposure to video games may with time make children numb emotionally, make them have sleepless nights and nightmares, have a negative effect on their school performance and make them aggressive. This also applies to playing violent video games. Children tend to put themselves in the feet of the aggressor in the video games making them aggressive in real life situation. Moreover, infants who view a lot of violent scripts have a higher possibility of being violent as a way of solving conflicts. This is because they take an assumption that brutal acts are acceptable behavior.
Violent video playoffs put a perception that the entire world is violent. Therefore, children playing aggressive video playoffs increase fear of being a victim of violence. In that case, they become aggressive for self protection. They also increase the belief of mistrust in others. This makes it impossible for them to interact with other children in an effective way. It is therefore very crucial for parents to monitor their children behavior and the activities they may be engaging in. It is also important for parents to encourage social interaction among children to facilitate learning which is essential during childhood. Adults should set good examples to children by avoiding watching violent video games in presence of children.
Violent video games have a negative effect not only to children but also to adults. Therefore, one should avoid their addiction so as to avoid cases of violence in the society.

Aliens Vs Predator - Talk About That!

The well-known Predator Franchise and Aliens Franchise clash in this epic battle between two of Sci-Fi's most popular characters! Based on the 1999 original PC Game, Aliens Vs. Predator was brought back to the video gaming world for Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 February 16, 2010 in the US, February 19 in Europe, and February 18 in Australia.
Three Breeds of Warriors, Three Brutal Campaigns, and ONE Relentless Battleground!
Aliens - As an Alien, you play Specimen 6, a specimen once kept in a research lab. You must use your finely-honed killer instincts and battle using close-combat tacticts with the Alien's claws and tail. Aliens are faster than their enemies and have the ability to sense their prey through walls, as well as being able to detect a cloaked Predator. In the single player campaign, Aliens can also harvest "hosts" by pinning their prey down.
Predator - As a Predator, you play Dark, and Elite Predator who's main objective is to hunt down and collect humans as trophies for their intrusion on planet BG 386. As seen in the films, the Predator will prefer to hunt and stalk it's prey from the safety of the treetops. The Predator's life is dependent on it's stealth and it's tactics as it must constantly be aware of Aliens since they can easily be detected by one, and must always make sure not to remove it's cloak too early when fighting against Colonial Marines because their weapons and numbers heavily outmatch the Predator. The Predator relies on it's shoulder mounted plasma cannon, it's combi stick (throwing spear), and it's four retractable wristblades on its arm for close combat.
Colonial Marine - As a Colonial Marine, you play "Rookie". You must get the systems back online throughout several locations of the human colony, fighting your way through Aliens and Predators with a wide arsenal of flamethrowers, auto-tracking Smartguns, and pulse rifles and must get the systems back online throughout several locations of the human colony in order to track down all of the surviving marines.
Throughout each of the different campaigns, you play through and a totally unique storyline in which you see everything going on from the point of view of the character you are playing, to discover an intertwined storyline that intertwines with the others to create a compelling cinematic narrative!
Aliens Vs. Predator is a great game for all types of gamers because of it's total uniqueness! I recommend it for everyone who loves video games and would like to try something totally new and different!

Batman Arkham City Pro Review

The single major flaw of Arkham Asylum was that the wonderful and overwhelming thoroughness in which the Batman world was depicted made it hard to imagine how a sequel could accomplish or cover anything more. Every single element that defined the character was spot on, from his gadgets to his combats.

Even his detective skills that he had previously neglected are displayed in the most spectacular fashion in Arkham Asylum. At Rocksteady, the developers featured a few of Gotham City's greatest villains and then added hidden references to almost thirty more as mere fan service. A morbid setting was created with enough detail in efforts to capture the horror of the comic, but with enough scope to fit a Batmobile, Batwing and Batcave.

Rocksteady's developers thought of Arkham Asylum as 'practice' from the moment the Arkham City project was underway. Considered as the best ever superhero game, Asylum was the 2009 Game of the Year. However, in comparison to Arkham City, it seems like a demo - a draft or a blueprint for the most amazing Batman and superhero game ever created.

Improvements to Arkham Asylum

Any questions regarding how much better and bigger Arkham City is from Arkham Asylum can be answered by the sensational list of villains mentioned in the latter, but never seen before.

These names include Ra's al Ghul, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, The Penguin, Two-Face, Scarface and the Ventriloquist, Clayface, Firefly, The Injustice Gang, Professor Hugo Strange, Mad Hatter, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, Black Mask, Hush, Killer Moth, Calendar Man, Prometheus, Maxie Zeus, The Creeper, The Ratcatcher, The Great White Shark, Humpty Dumpty, Amadeus Arkham, Martin "Mad Dog" Hawkins, The Spirit of Arkham and the Mystery One-Armed Inmate.

Half of these villains play big roles in Arkham City. In addition to that, all but one of the villains that were introduced in Arkham Asylum makes a return appearance in the sequel.

The developers and writers of the game could barely have done a better job, having successfully developed and justified the place of each character in narratives that make total dramatic and logical sense. The story is something special, blending the Animated Series episodes' humanity, Frank Miller's comics' brutal darkness and Christopher Nolan's films' confident risk-taking.

The innumerable moments of shock, awe and squealing will make a fan overpowered by these emotions in a matter of minutes of playing the game. The incredible quality of graphics makes the characters almost life-like, and the sound effects add to the intensity of the game.

Other features of the game

The magnitude of the game's atmospheric intricacy and epic scale is sure to leave you floored. Each building is unique and countless rooftops with distinct neon signs can be seen. A huge Ferris wheel reveals hidden bodies in each compartment when scanned using Detective mode.

While you may not be able to get your hands on the Batmobile just yet, climbing and diving and leaping and gliding across the vast playground using Batman's tools and cape offers incomparable exhilarating freedom, making Arkham City the best superhero game ever.

Bottom LineBatman Arkham City does everything Asylum did but bigger, brasher and with more freedom.on a whole the game is pretty solid

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