Aliens Vs Predator - Talk About That!

The well-known Predator Franchise and Aliens Franchise clash in this epic battle between two of Sci-Fi's most popular characters! Based on the 1999 original PC Game, Aliens Vs. Predator was brought back to the video gaming world for Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 February 16, 2010 in the US, February 19 in Europe, and February 18 in Australia.
Three Breeds of Warriors, Three Brutal Campaigns, and ONE Relentless Battleground!
Aliens - As an Alien, you play Specimen 6, a specimen once kept in a research lab. You must use your finely-honed killer instincts and battle using close-combat tacticts with the Alien's claws and tail. Aliens are faster than their enemies and have the ability to sense their prey through walls, as well as being able to detect a cloaked Predator. In the single player campaign, Aliens can also harvest "hosts" by pinning their prey down.
Predator - As a Predator, you play Dark, and Elite Predator who's main objective is to hunt down and collect humans as trophies for their intrusion on planet BG 386. As seen in the films, the Predator will prefer to hunt and stalk it's prey from the safety of the treetops. The Predator's life is dependent on it's stealth and it's tactics as it must constantly be aware of Aliens since they can easily be detected by one, and must always make sure not to remove it's cloak too early when fighting against Colonial Marines because their weapons and numbers heavily outmatch the Predator. The Predator relies on it's shoulder mounted plasma cannon, it's combi stick (throwing spear), and it's four retractable wristblades on its arm for close combat.
Colonial Marine - As a Colonial Marine, you play "Rookie". You must get the systems back online throughout several locations of the human colony, fighting your way through Aliens and Predators with a wide arsenal of flamethrowers, auto-tracking Smartguns, and pulse rifles and must get the systems back online throughout several locations of the human colony in order to track down all of the surviving marines.
Throughout each of the different campaigns, you play through and a totally unique storyline in which you see everything going on from the point of view of the character you are playing, to discover an intertwined storyline that intertwines with the others to create a compelling cinematic narrative!
Aliens Vs. Predator is a great game for all types of gamers because of it's total uniqueness! I recommend it for everyone who loves video games and would like to try something totally new and different!